SING Workshops and SING Private Singing Lessons are taught by Hayley Reed, a singer, song writer and singing teacher who has a bachelor degree in Music (contemporary vocal performance) and over 9 years teaching experience. 

"SING Workshops is a one of a kind dive into the specific mechanisms that make the voice such a tonally diverse instrument."


Philosophy and Technique

Hayley's built a vocal methodology that incorporates a deeper understanding of resonance and how it is managed by the voice. Every instrument has characteristics that either allow or disallow the resonance of specific pitches and tones. By stretching and strengthening our resonating cavities we open a world of new sounds to our voice, whilst creating fluidity of play by the presence of a limitless voice that is never trapped.

Lessons have been built to embrace and develop tonally diverse, agile voices. Shape, breath, resonance, pitch, tempo, groove and motion are all enveloped into easy to execute techniques.


Progressive Workshops

SING has extended their classes to take a deeper exploration into rhythm and time and the developments that can be brought out in the singing voice by focusing on rhythmic impact. SING & DRUMMING Workshops was born as an extension for experimental workshoppers.



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- Balance of resonance, pitch, breath and strengthening the pelvic floor

- Tone lines, shaping and tone-point

- EQ-ing the voice, angles, lengths, tilts and momentum

- Awareness and strengthening of diaphragm and nasal area

- Vibrato, articulation, speed of breath, pinching and other vocal nuances

- Dynamics and expressive techniques

- Emotional connection techniques




- Sub-divisions. Playing simple and syncopated rhythms

- Understanding time and feel

- Developing consistent and reliable time and feel

- Articulation on tone and sound

- Integrating motion and emotion - moving with the phrase of the groove

- Developing focus. The mind-body co-ordination