“Of all the music instructors I have been taught by and worked with as colleagues, Hayley stands apart in a class of her own. I have consistently observed a marked growth in the confidence and skill of Hayley’s new students and loyalty from her long-term ones. It is readily apparent how much effort is placed in tailoring each lesson to fit the individual student’s needs. As a co-worker and friend, Hayley consistently demonstrates a warm, genuine and positive interest in others. I would absolutely recommend Hayley Reed’s tutorship to anyone, confident or shy, wishing to explore their personal musicality!”
— Alex Hill
“I had vocal lessons from a few different teachers. Where they all give me similar methods, and mostly taught me about breathing techniques, Hayley approached it differently. She improved my vocal placements and different ways to try to ‘stylize’ my voice to make some variety out of it. With this I feel that It raises some awareness on how to imitate the vocal styles of famous singers, and it really helps with my vocal performance”
— Stanley Darmawan
“Hayley, your lessons were enjoyable, uplifting and rewardingly rejuvenating for this 80 year old. Thanks.”
— Bas Cameron
“I’m usually pretty capable of picking up most things. Singing was not one of them. Singing for me is one of those nightmares people have where they’re doing a speech to an entire auditorium and they look down to realise they’re naked. So when Hayley was able to teach me to sing and have the confidence to do it in front of a room full of people, I knew I’d come across an excellent teacher.
Hayley creates a supportive environment and yet knows how to help you find your edge to break into success. She is a very unique teacher who is able to pinpoint your challenges, guide you through your barriers and fine tune your instrument very quickly.
What surprised me the most was that Hayley not only taught me to sing but she taught me to use my voice and that’s something that goes beyond your average teacher.
Now I sing in front of people, in the shower, around the house and the biggest issue is getting me to stop!”
— Kristina Paras (Actress)
“When I first chose to do a singing course with Hayley, I had previously never had training to learn how to sing. Despite my inexperience, I found her very good at explaining the concepts of using my ‘instrument’ as she called it. I felt she broke down the concepts of how to sing very well and was able to pinpoint the errors I was making in my singing and what I could do to improve it. There was a good mix of people in the class and I felt that I got a good amount of one on one time with Hayley.

I really enjoyed being given the opportunity by Hayley to perform a song in front of a live audience. It gave me the extra motivation I needed to improve my singing as well as help from her each week giving me pointers about how to improve the singing of my chosen song. Even though I was slightly nervous on the night I felt the help I got from Hayley really showed in my singing performance. It substantially improved my confidence in performing in front of an audience as well as gave me contacts with others where I could continue to pursue performing.”
— Roo O'Loughlin
“Hi, my names Shadee Kargarian and I’m 21 years old.
I use to have confidence issues with my singing and didn’t think I was any good.
I had so many singing lessons with countless singing teachers but felt no improvement was happening with my voice,
until I started to attend singing lessons with Hayley Reed.
With practise and teaching lessons once a week with Hayley, I heard and felt a huge difference with my voice.
I had more confidence with belting my voice out, I could sing my favourite songs with clarity.
She helped me with techniques of resonance and shape with the voice. She gave me helpful tips on breathing and voice warm ups.
My dream is to become a actor one day and to perform in musical theatre, I needed to have a strong beautiful voice and I couldn’t of reached that without Hayley’s teaching.
She is the best singing teacher ever and I hope I will be able to go back to her to improve on my singing voice. I highly recommend you go to her for the best of the best of voice training and singing lessons.”
— Shadee Kargarian
“Hayley is a fantastic teacher, a warm personality and a talented musician. I signed up for one of her 10 week vocal workshops, knowing little more than I had enjoyed singing as a kid and missed it a lot. She has an incredible ear for the voice, weaving technical knowledge and practical application into her lessons. Hayley creates a group dynamic that makes singing and speaking in front of strangers quickly turn into a group of friends. I would highly recommend her as a teacher for a very eyeopening, enjoyable dive into your voice and what it can do.”
— Jo Li